Glass Shattering Experiment II



With the mindset that bigger = better, I went out to buy some cheap-ass wineglasses from the local dollar shop. The ones I bought look pretty nasty - the shape just isn't quite right, not even for a shiraz or two.

Being a bigger wineglass than the one used in the first experiment, I had expected the resonant frequency to be lower. And so it was, resonating at precisely 979 Hz. A medium volume test with a paper strip on the glass confirmed this: the paper jumped off.


This time I decided a 6W amp was not enough - I really wanted this thing to blast open! So I cut up a length of oxygen free copper cable to hook into the next room, where a 150W amplifier (kindly donated by Charles) was ready and waiting.

Earplugs, closed doors and a 'blast box' ensured I didn't lose one of my senses that day.

I turned the volume on the amp about halfway, slid the preamp volume to near maximum, and pressed GENERATE!

Seeing as I was in another room with two closed doors between me and the death zone, I couldn't exactly see the action. My video camera did though, and you'll want to check out the video... the wineglass promptly EXPLODED.

I came into the room later to find glass shards everywhere. Success!






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