Capture the colour of any surface, with the click of a button.


Introducing the SwatchMate Cube - a novel colour capturing tool. Place the Cube onto a surface and it will instantly capture its color, displaying it wirelessly on your paired smartphone.

It's that easy.

Penguin's Lab has partnered with co-founders Djordje and Rocky to create this new tool to enable everyone to not only see, but measure colour.


Born out of a desire to make renovating easy, SwatchMate is designed to match any color to your favorite paint brands.

But as a side-effect of inventing something that does this, we've realised the possibilities are endless...

... designers can digitise their client's existing colour themes...

... artists can 'capture' inspiring colour off any surface...

... brand managers can ensure consistency of colours across media...

We also wanted to make sure the Cube would work with image editing software, such as Photoshop. So we designed it to work as a Photoshop add-in, turning the Cube into a real life eyedropper tool, the first ever of its kind.

SwatchMate Cube never started life off as beautiful as it is now though. Initially a university engineering project, the Cube has gone through multiple design iterations since its beginnings as a research paper to evolve into a series of prototypes which proved the underlying concepts.

One of our earlier prototypes showing a Dulux branded paint match

Testing a prototype for accuracy at Penguin's Lab

We've had many people test our SwatchMate prototypes for us.

These people include interior designers, letter printers, DIY renovators, painters, hotel chains and fashion stores. We'd like to extend a warm thank you to those who have been involved.

The feedback we've received has allowed us to improve the product as we go. The great news is, everyone involved in our testing program has told us that SwatchMate is an accurate tool. In fact, some design firms such as The Hungry Workshop and Alexa Nice Interior Design have already used SwatchMate prototypes in their client work flow.

We still need to take the next leap of faith: to manufacture the final product.

To get this final step started, we launched our own KickStarter project in early November.






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